Inner Freedom Counseling and Laughter Therapy

Let the Light shine through

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Scientific research has shown that laughter stimulates the production of happiness hormones. It can also prevent anxiety and depression.

Pain, stress and tension may diminish. Laughter has even been found to be good for heart health.

Laughter is Natural

Research indicates that nothing funny is necessary for laughter. It is the context of the social setting that is the crucial factor. Laughter is a universal, natural and foremost a communicative phenomenon.

When we look at the positive effects of laughter on our body and mind, we may well ask ourselves whether we do enough of it.

What gets in Our Way?

Events and experiences in our lives made us forget that happiness and bliss are aspects of our true nature. And whether we realize it or not, deep in our heart we all profoundly long for that.


While no shadow can alter

The sunflower’s focus on the light

We either add to our load

Or fill up with soul’s delight

Discovery of Our True Nature

As a guide I explore together with you. We use dialogue and a number of simple exercises. You will have the chance to find out that you are able to do much more than you may think. Peace, happiness and the experience of inner freedom become tangible. Empowered, you experience a deeper enjoyment of yourself, your relationships, your work and your life.

My Name is Wim Pieters 

After a life of searching, studying and exploring I found out that bliss is the true nature of myself and of each human being. Not as an intellectual or academic concept but through personal experience.

From the darkness to the light

My search for the meaning of life began at a very young age. Because of childhood traumas I experienced a deep urge to discover how one can naturally be happy and healthy. This has shown me that hardship and suffering can eventually lead one to peace and joy.

One with yourself, one with the world

I have lived a major part of my life in different foreign countries on several different continents, in diverse cultures and living conditions. Through this I recognized that people everywhere have the same needs. We experience our true nature when we live in the moment instead of in a mental world of concepts, opinions and judgments. That creates a connection with what is, and fosters contact with the authenticity and naturalness in and around us and with others.

Years of study and self-learning

I have studied and practiced many psychological systems and spiritual teachings. I have lived in California for over 25 years. Following my conservatory studies there I took courses in holistic health, mind-body medicine, energy medicine, lifestyle consultant, nutritional advisor, personal development, team leading, and more. I have worked as a therapist in clinics in Europe and in the United States.

A long journey…to come back home

At the same time, my most important discoveries did not come from taking courses or from reading books. I have experienced high peaks, but as I started my journey with traumas also intensely deep valleys. Through this I acquired insights from personal experience. This has helped me to relate to people of diverse backgrounds. Eventually it turned out that what I searched for all over the world for decades lies simply within myself and within each human being.

It gives me joy to offer others tools that can empower them. For inner freedom and happiness.

My Offer to You

I offer private online sessions of 90 minutes by means of video call. We use the Telegram Messenger app, which can be downloaded for free for desktop or mobile device. Before sessions you pay the equivalent of €50 per PayPal or bank transfer.

In-person sessions available on location.

Looking forward to our contact.

Kind regards, Wim


Wim Pieters   –   +31 575 785 601   –   Zutphen, Netherlands